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CMPEN 497: Special Topics - Humanoid Robotics

Project 1 - Humanoid Robot Modeling in Blender

Students first created a physics simulation in Blender to familiarize themselves with the software. Then, they constructed models of UBTECH Yanshee and Hiwonder TonyPi Pro robots. Lastly, they designed various stable and unstable poses for each robot type.

Project 2 - Movement Design

Students designed motions on Hiwonder TonyPi Pro robots to complete a variety of tasks.

Project 3 - Visual Servoing

Students detected faces using Haar cascade classifiers and used PID controllers to have the camera in the head of a Hiwonder TonyPi Pro robot move to keep the face in the center of the camera's live video feed.

Project 4 - Dance Simulation and Stability

Students used the simulation software Webots to design dances for a UBTECH Yanshee robot that kept it stable until intentionally falling at the end. During the last day of class, we tested the students' dances on a real robot.

Professors: Dr. Yanxi Liu & Dr. Robert Collins

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