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Computational Symmetry: Past, Present, and Future
Tutorial at ECCV 2010
Yanxi Liu (Pennsylvania State University)
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Symmetry Types

Humans, animals and insects have an innate ability to perceive and take advantage of symmetry, which is a pervasive phenomenon presenting itself in all forms and scales in natural and man-made environments. Though our understanding of repeated patterns is generalized by the mathematical concept of symmetry and group theory, and seeking symmetry from digital data has been attempted for over four decades, few effective computational tools are available today. The perception and recognition of symmetry have yet to be fully explored in machine intelligence, in particular computer vision.

Motivated by a re-surging interest in computational symmetry in the computer vision and computer graphics community, we organize this timely and unique course (associated with a competition) to investigate this potentially powerful intermediate level computer vision tool. The event has three main components:

  1. a multidisciplinary perspective on the importance and lasting impact of symmetry detection, presented by a worldwide group of distinguished speakers
  2. a detailed summary of relevant mathematical theory (symmetry group theory), state of the art algorithms and a diverse set of applications (successes and failures), presented by the organizer
  3. the algorithms and the outcome of the first "symmetry detection algorithm competition", presented by the top three winners of the benchmarked symmetry detection algorithms

1. Tutorial Material:

A new survey paper (195 pages) on "Computational Symmetry" has appeared in publication:

For an on-line copy:

To obtain a paper-copy, contact james.finlay@nowpublishers.com

2. Invited Speakers [link] All speakers and the organizer's slides available upon request.
Dr. Zygmunt Pizlo Dr. Luc Van Gool Dr. Sven Dickinson
Dr. Zygmunt Pizlo Dr. Luc Van Gool Dr. Sven Dickinson

3. Symmetry Detection from Real Images Competition:

With support from NSF, we are organizing the first "Symmetry Detection from Real Images" algorithm Competition in Computer Vision

Round One (with ECCV 2010):
Send your algorithm (binary or source code) to asad@cse.psu.edu. The competitors can remain anonymous if prefer, test results and feedback will be sent back to the authors.

Training Images and Ground Truth:

Round two (with CVPR 2011):
Updated training sets will be provided right after ECCV 2010. A preliminary test and second test will be held in January and March respectively. The winners (top three) will receive a free trip to CVPR to present their results.

Round Three (with ICCV 2011):
The final competition will be held at ICCV 2011 on a further refined, much larger and highly varied test image set. The winners will receive industrial awards during ICCV 2011.

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