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Anand Raja

Anand Raja
M.S. Electrical Engineering
Advisor: Dr. Robert Collins

Laboratory for Perception, Action, and Cognition [LPAC]
Department of Computer Science and Engineering
The Pennsylvania State University

I am a graduate student pursuing my M.S. in Electrical Engineering at the Pennsylvania State University. Before coming to Penn State, I earned my undergraduate degree in Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering at the University of Mumbai in India. I was born in Pune and grew up in Mumbai and Singapore.

I joined LPAC, the Laboratory for Perception, Action, and Cognition in Fall 2009 where and I am working on tracking people and identifying their actions from video. I am advised by Dr. Robert Collins. My research interests are in computer vision, image processing and pattern recognition.


  • I successfully defended my Masters Thesis titled Towards understanding people in videos. A big thanks to my committee: Dr. Collins, Dr. Liu and Dr. Jenkins. Also, thank you to Chandu, Diana and Ingmar for coming and supporting me at the defense!
  • Bad news from CVPR :-( Rejected. (February 2011)
  • Finally started writing my thesis, lots to do. (December 2010)
  • Made a submission to CVPR...fingers crossed. (Novermber 2010)
  • Some follow-up work from my internship at GE has been accepted for an oral at the CAD conference at SPIE Medical Imaging 2011! (October 2010)
  • Working on matching tracks of people across shots in a video. One of the major challenges is dealing with noisy and training-impoverished data. (October 2010)
  • I'm Research Assistant for Fall 2010. (August 2010)
  • My new lab machine is here! I named it Ramanujan. (May 2010)
  • I will be spending summer in the lab, plugging away at research. (May 2010)
  • I am making some head-way in my research using "personal features" for action recognition, but no dramatic improvements. (April 2010)
  • I am Research Assistant at LPAC for Spring 2010!
  • My internship work at GE titled "A region based active contour method for X-ray lung segmentation using prior shape and low-level features." was accepted at ISBI 2010. [link] [PDF] (January 2010)
  • I am now Graduate Student Researcher at LPAC. (October 2009)
  • I spent summer interning at the Imaging Technologies Lab at the GE Global Research Center in Bangalore with Dr. Sheshadhri Thiruvenkadam and Pavan Annangi. (July 2009)
  • Research will have to wait....I'm going back to India for the summer to intern at GE. (May 2009)
  • I have decided to do my Masters Thesis with Dr. Robert Collins in action recognition, so I guess I'm now an LPAC-er! (April 2009)

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